Parents' and Teachers' Guide for Shalom Secrets book front cover, hands of children shaking, grass and daisies, author's name Rabbi Chaim Trainer

Parents' and Teachers' Guide for Shalom Secrets, Digital Download (PDF)

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This guide for parents and educators will enhance the teaching of the concepts in the Shalom Secrets book and the Shalom Secrets Workbook.

The guide includes an overview of the Shalom Secrets concept, an answer key with detailed explanations for the questions found in the Shalom Secrets Workbook, ideas to enhance family and class discussions, and suggestions for class activities that can be used to reinforce the lessons in an enjoyable manner. This is an invaluable aid to the Shalom Secrets curriculum.

The guide also has instructions on how to run the Shalom Secrets Training Program for classes or for families. This is an exciting 45-day program that gives children abundant opportunities to practice the skills they have learned, until these skills become second nature.

52 pages


Purchasing this guide allows the purchaser the right to print one copy only. Each additional copy must be purchased separately.