Invisible Discipline: Effective Classroom Management, Audio Course

Invisible Discipline: Effective Classroom Management, Audio Course

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Dramatically improve your ability to maintain a smooth-running class and do more of what you enjoy: teaching! 

Over 25 years of classroom experience, crammed into 7 hours of information packed entertaining lectures.


  • The Awe-Inspiring Job of Teaching

  • What is Success in Chinuch?

  • The Secret of Teaching—on One Foot: The “Inside-Out Principle”

  • Three-dimensional Teaching with C-U-B-E: C=Confidence is Crucial

  • U=Understanding: Develop Close Relationships with Your Students

  • Get to Know Your Students

  • Be a Loving, Humble, Respectful, Compassionate King

  • Why Children Misbehave

  • B=Believe In Your Students

  • E=Energy: Your Energy and Passion are Contagious

  • How to Enter the Classroom Each Day in the Right Frame of Mind

  • Why and How to Set Class Rules

  • The Right Way to Teach Your Class Rules

  • Sample Essential Class Rules

  • Getting Your Students to Follow the Rules

  • To Ignore or Not Ignore; Using Invisible Discipline

  • KISSS Your Students: Keep It Short, Sweet, and Specific

  • Come to Peace with Your Job’s Challenges

  • Use a Variety of Positive Motivational Techniques

  • Use Tangible Rewards

  • Incentives for the Entire Class

  • When and How to Use Negative Consequences

  • The Best Way to Talk to a Student About His Misbehavior

  • Which Negative Consequences You Can Use

  • When Should I Send a Student to the Principal?

  • Being Firm vs. Being Strict vs. Being Mean

  • Detention, Assignments, Embarrassment, Losing Recess, Kicking Out of Class, and other “Popular” Problematic Consequences

  • Control Your Anger: Why and How

  • Create Your Personal Class Motivational System

  • Details of a Sample Middle School Motivational System

  • Two Important Procedures to Implement in Your Classroom

  • Parents are Our Allies; Work with Them Effectively

  • Dealing with Combative Parents

  • Discipline Destroyers: How Teachers Often Sabotage Their Own Class’s Discipline

  • The Value of a Strategic Seating Arrangement

  • Challenging Children in Your Classroom

  • 15 Dangerous but Common Myths About Teaching

100% of attendees felt they became a better teacher and would recommend others to attend this seminar.

"Very informative, great practical ideas and solutions."
-Rabbi Naftali Alt

"I loved the energy, humor, knowledge, love, enthusiasm and sincerity!"
-Alan Rosen

"I'm sorry I didn't take this seminar years ago."
Paul Stark

"I can't wait to incorporate these skills in my class!"
-Shoshana Stanfield

"I benefited immensely, although I have been teaching for 18 years."
-Reshy Perris

The course is audio only, accessible through online streaming or by downloading. No sharing allowed.